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What's The Real Deal With Virtual Addresses

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

I think we can all agree that when it comes to obtaining a virtual address there is a lot of confusion. Such as who is trustworthy, how expensive are they, even is it really necessary to have one.

Well, I'm here to shed a little light on the real deal about virtual addresses.

So what is a virtual address? A virtual address is an address you get to utilize as your own physical business address without having to really acquire an office building. You get to have your mail delivered there and forwarded all for a low price.

Having a business address makes your business look more professional to lenders and potential customers. Not only that, when you file your business with the secretary of state it becomes a public record so your information can be found by anyone.

There are many reasons to obtain a virtual address but the bottom line is you should get one if you plan to build your business credit.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a business address.

  • Must be a real brick and mortar

  • Must be a deliverable address

  • Cannot be a P.O.Box

  • Cannot be a UPS address

  • Can be your home address if you cannot afford one

Here are a few resources that you can use instead of using your home address or a P.O. Box. These companies offer virtual business addresses and other services you may find beneficial to your business. If you do not want a virtual address, we recommend looking into getting a commercial office space.

Once you have obtained your address then file your LLC or Corporation! If you already have filed your LLC or Corp without having a business address, you will need to go back and change it on your business docs.

If you're looking for assistance with obtaining a virtual address, help changing your documents, or more info please schedule a call with me.

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