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My Blueprint To $100K In Business Credit

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

I get so many questions about how I was able to obtain over $100K in business credit last year, so I thought I'll give you the blueprint. Now, remember these are the steps I took, and to receive the maximum results you have to implement the steps!

Step 1: I had my business set up with all the bells and whistles (LLC, EIN, Bank Acct, etc)

Step 2: Once I had the business set up, I began setting up my business credit profile by obtaining my Duns number and credit monitoring with NAV.

Step 3: After that, I begin adding tradelines to my profile such as:

to get my scores generated.

Now, remember you need at least 3-4 to generate a Paydex score, but I recommend at least 5-10. ( full list of over 150 net 30's in my business bundle)

Step 4: Once my scores got generated I begin to apply for retail/store accounts and because I had more than 5 reporting I was able to receive high limits like $5000 and up.

Step 5: By now I had over 14 accounts on my report ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. You have to be strategic when doing this, I now use every acct I applied for to keep them reporting.

Now, this is all without me having to PG. The following year I applied for a vehicle in my business name, properties, and equipment. Because I had a strong profile I didn't need to PG any of that as well.

It's not impossible, I wanna personally walk you through the process on a 1 on 1 business coaching call. All you have to do is click the link and join me. (oh and payment plans are available so don't worry, I got you)

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