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How To Generate Your Business Scores Quickly

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

You first wanna make sure you get your business set up so that the lenders and business credit bureaus can find your business. (very important). The business should have an LLC, EIN, and Bank Acct.

Next, you want to add 5-6 net 30 vendors in the first round. My Top 5 are:

  1. NAV Boost (make sure to upgrade to have it report your payments)

  2. Quill (make sure the cart value is $100 before tax, this helps prompt the invoice my account tab)

  3. Uline (if denied for a credit account, skip this vendor)

  4. Summa (make sure item is over $80)

  5. Crown Office Supplies ($99 annual fee gets reported, no need to purchase anything else)

  6. CEO Creative ( $69 annual fee doesn't report but $40 order needed to report)

Remember to add all these accounts in month 1, preferably in the same week! This will help them report at the same time, which will help you generate your scores faster!

Oh and don't forget to pay your invoices at least 10 days early...(HACK)

If you are ready for the complete blueprint to helping you continue to build your business credit after Tier 2 then grab the business credit tradeline list!

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