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Here's What Lenders Look For When Approving You For High Limit Accounts

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We all want high credit limits when it comes to getting funding, but have you been preparing your business to get qualified for the higher limits?

The "play" is to start implementing these few things for your business:

  1. Start making deposits into your business checking account. I would say at least 10 deposits a month.

  2. Keep a good bank rating by always keeping a positive balance. There shouldn't be any negative days

  3. Make sure your business is listed on 411 and Google. Believe it or not, lenders will check the 411 directories and Google to make sure your business is credible.

The way to more funding is to know what the lenders look for and how to avoid denials. Revenue plays a big part especially if you're a new business.

I'm teaching you how to show and get more revenue in my BCGC business bundle...have you joined yet?

if you really wanna get to the business credit bag!

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