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Even As A New Business, You're Still Eligible For Business Credit/Funding, Here's How ⬇️⬇️

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

So the first thing you are going to want to do is GET THAT BUSINESS STRUCTURED!

✅Set up a "real" business entity (LLC or Corp) (use a business address)

✅Get your EIN (employer identification number)

✅Set up a website, phone number

✅Open a business bank acct (really important)

✅Set up your online listings with (411 & Google)

Once you have all that set up then I want you to start making deposits into your business bank account. At least 10 deposits a month. (this can be done a few ways, I will be showing a few methods in my business academy)

You want to also make sure you don't have any days with a negative balance, this will help increase your bank rating. After around 3 months of consistently doing this you are going to start getting approved for business credit cards, and lines of credit.

To start getting approved for business credit, I want you to set up your business credit monitoring with NAV. Choose the business boost plan (it helps you generate a score faster).

Obtain your free Duns Number, this is going to be needed in order to get a paydex score. Your Paydex, Experian and Equifax scores will be generated once you have tradelines reporting.

Once you have tradelines reporting you now can qualify for business credit cards, and vehicles in your business name.

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