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Are You Consistently Being Denied For Business Credit? 4 Things To Do To Help You Get Approvals!

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

It can be dreadful hearing those words "denied". Trust me I know, I've been there.

That's why today I want to give you 4 things to do to help you hear the words "approved" more than not.

First things first:

Get that business address

I cannot express how important a professional address for your business is...

A lender can take one look at it on Google and can approve or deny you because of it.

My number 1 go-to for professional addresses is Regus. They are very professional, have multiple locations, and are very affordable.

And remember once you have gotten your new business address, change it on all your documents.

The next thing you wanna do is:

Get a toll free phone number

Believe it or not, your business should have an 800 number. I like to tell my clients to get 2 numbers. A local and an 800.

You can essentially use the 800 number for lenders and business transactions. And your local number for customers/consumers.

A few places I recommend to getting a business telephone number would be:

The last thing I'll speak on is this:

Get your business listed on google

Imagine a lender going to Google to search for your business and nothing pops up...

Umm, I'm thinking automatic denial right? Well, not really but we don't wanna give these lenders any reason to deny us.

To get your business listed on Google simply follow the step-by-step instructions they give you.

It's the small details that can make or break your opportunities for funding, let's eliminate as many as possible!

If you're looking for some assistance with getting things right with your business schedule a business credit & funding strategy call and let's increase those approval rates together!

Click the link below to schedule yours today for 50% off! Use code"bc50" at checkout.

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