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10 Banks That You Can Apply For A Checking Acct Even If You Have A Record ChexSystems.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

If you have been denied trying to open a business bank account you may have a record in chexsystem.

Here are 10 banks that you can apply for without having to worry about if you have a record or not.

  1. Northone

  2. Lending Club

  3. BBVA

  4. Kabbage

  5. Hatch

  6. Suntrust

  7. Wells Fargo

  8. Bluevine

  9. Navy Federal

  10. Novo

Remember to have your

  • Articles of Organization or Incorporation

  • EIN

  • Operating Agreement or Bylaws

  • Any business licenses or permits

If you need further assistance schedule a call with me and let's walk through it together.

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