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This package includes (4) 1 on 1 sessions to help you get your business funded. Each session is approximately 30-45 mins over Zoom. We'll assist you with the following:

Call 1: performing a business analysis

  • determine how much funding your business needs

  • reviewing business credibility

  • reviewing personal credit


Call 2: creating the plan

  • creating a business plan

  • creating an exit strategy plan 


Call 3: get ready for funding

  • research the best options for funding 

  • gathering documents necessary for funding


Call 4: apply for funding 

  • submit applications to lenders

  • communicate with lenders

Business Funding Enrollment Form

PLEASE READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This package is for funding ONLY not building business credit. You must have a business that is set up with at least an LLC, EIN, and business bank account. The type of funding we will be applying for DOES require good personal credit and/or business revenue of at least $5-$10K per month. If you do not have either one of those you will not be able to receive funding. If you would like to see if you are ready for funding without enrolling we can perform a business analysis, you can do so by clicking this link: CLICK HERE  If you continue to enroll you will not be refunded the full enrollment once we complete our first call. $375 of your $1497 will be kept.  

What is your business monthly revenue.
You are about to check out. If you need a payment plan they are available at checkout with Sezzle

Thank you for enrolling into the business funding package. You will receive an email with your next steps.

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