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This package includes (4) months of Done For You Services. We will work on the following:

  • Month 1: We'll make sure your business is structured correctly so that lenders find your business fundable

  • Month 2: We'll start disputing negative information on your personal credit reports

  • Month 3: We'll set up your business credit profiles and credit monitoring so you know what reporting for your business and what your business qualifies for

  • Month 4: We'll submit 5-10 business funding applications based on your business fundability

We know it can be hard to focus on growing your business and getting the money you need plus market your business, track sales, and hire. That's why we're here to do it for you every step of the way. Don't worry about money anymore – let us do the work and help you make your business shine!

Done For You Enrollment Form

PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This package is for business owners that are looking to have their business credit profile built and obtain funding. You MUST have a business set up with at least an LLC, EIN and business bank account. You will be responsible for additional fees that involve making your business more credible and fundable; such as your business accounts, email, phone , etc. We will cover the first 4 months of NAV and Identity IQ, credit disputes, and inquiry removal. 

You are about to check out. If you need a payment plan they are available at checkout with Sezzle

Thank you for enrolling into the done for you package. You will receive an email with your next steps.

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