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The Credit & Cash Flow Workshop

This workshop is perfect for business owners that need guidance Obtaining Business Funding, Building Business Credit, or how to 10x Their Current Cashflow. 

Conversation Between Colleagues

This workshop includes 4 weeks of assistance to help you with your business goals. Each week will meet together twice for 1 hour to work on the 3 C's.

Credibility. Credit. Cashflow

Increase Credibility 

Week 1

Having a credible business that is structured correctly and meets certain standards can increase your chances of getting funding from lenders. We will help you set up your business in a way that makes it attractive to lenders and increases your chances of getting funding.

Build Business Credit

Week 2

Having established business credit can open up access to a wider range of funding options beyond traditional bank loans, such as lines of credit, business credit cards, and vendor financing. We will help you get money to start your business and build a good reputation for your business with the three main business credit reporting agencies.

Fix Personal Credit

Week 3

Improving your credit score can help you save money, access credit more easily, and open up new opportunities in your financial life.

Increase Cashflow

Week 4

Having a positive cash flow is essential for the financial health and success of any business. Plus you will need cash flow to service the debt of obtaining credit

This Workshop is 1 on 1. 

We will collaborate for four weeks to improve both your personal and business profiles so that they meet the criteria set by lenders. Additionally, we will work together to enhance your cash flow and revenue. We will meet for one hour twice a week to work on achieving your business goals.

Total Value: $9,997


Or 4 interest-free payments

of $499.25 when using Sezzle

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