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Learn How To Start Fund & Grow Your Business By Building Business Credit & Walk Into Any Bank And Get A YES! 

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This business funding course will give you the secrets that help you meet underwriters' requirements to get automated approvals for business credit, you'll learn how to build your business credit without having to use your personal credit and leverage the credit to fund your business. 

Here's The Curriclum

Inside this course, you will learn the necessary knowledge to set up a lender compliant business, obtain business credit, increase cash flow by applying for business funding, and fix your personal credit profile. 

Module 1: Setting Up A Lender Compliant Business

  • Choosing low risk NAICS Codes

  • ​Set up LLC & EIN 

  • ​Choosing Business Bank Accounts

  • Setting up Google & 411 Listing

  • and More

Module 2/3: Building Personal & Business Credit Profile

  • ​Fixing personal credit Increase personal scores to meet lender requirements

  • 24 hour inquiry removal process

  • Build a strong business credit profile

  • Access to tier 1-3 lenders

Module 4: Obtaining Business Funding

  • Access to pg & no pg business credit cards​ lenders

  • ​Access to business lines of credit & loans​ lenders

  • Obtaining Business Vehicles


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